As of October 1, 2015, ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes replaced the previous ICD-9-CM diagnosis codes in all health care settings for diagnosis reporting. ICD-9 codes are no longer accepted or provided evidence of medical necessity for ordered laboratory services.

Please see our summary of changes that specifically pertain to the diagnosis codes that may indicate PancraGen®.

PancraGen, powered by PathfinderTG, is covered under local Medicare policy L34864 – Loss of Heterozygosity Based Topographic Genotyping with PathfinderTG. You can reference this policy on the CMS website at: Also available on the CMS website is additional information for providers regarding ICD-10: Diagnosis codes submitted with test orders should always be based upon what can be supported within the patient’s medical record.

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Interpace Diagnostics is committed to providing patients with access to personalized medicine, regardless of their personal financial situation. We are proud to offer the NAVIGATOR Patient Support program, a resource to help guide patients through the process of obtaining and paying for molecular testing.

Our NAVIGATOR team will help provide benefits analysis and investigation, explain available financial support options—including the COMPASS* Financial Assistance program—and address any questions about Interpace Diagnostics tests and services.

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*COMPASS is not available to patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government program, or where the program is restricted or prohibited by contractual obligation, or federal or state law. COMPASS is only available to patients within the United States.